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How Big & Loyal Is The Christian Radio Audience?

• Christian Radio is mass appeal. Country Radio has the largest number of stations nationwide (2,175) followed by News/Talk (2,027)—and then Religion (teaching/variety, at 1,948) and Contemporary Christian (1,191).

family 17• Over 70% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radio station. When they hear your ad on "their" station, you become, in their minds, "part of the family". (Simmons Market Research)

• More than 60% say that they would shop more at a known business if it advertised on Christian radio. Because you are supporting them, they feel a strong inclination to support you. (Simmons Market Research) 

• Your message heard on a Christian station is perceived by the listener as being more reliable than other forms of advertising. No other format can say that. It's this kind of advertiser loyalty that can't be achieved by any other format. Very few advertising venues offer this kind of credibility. 

• Christian radio listeners don’t just like their Christian station—they are passionate about it. listeners consider us as a portion of their family, and a way to help them get through their day.

family 12• Almost 64% of all Christian radio listeners say that "the ads on Christian radio make them want to buy what is in the ad" compared to 33% of all advertising consumers. (Soma Market Research)

• 57% of the Christian radio audience believe that ads on a Christian radio show a truer picture of the product being advertised. (Soma Market Research)

• 56% of Christian music listeners tune in to their favorite Christian radio station while in the car.

• If your advertising campaign does not include Christian Radio Advertising, then you are not maximizing your ad budget's ability to reach buyers who are predisposed to buying what you are selling. Marketing to These consumers delivers more loyal customers than any other format.

• Listeners aged 12 and up spend an average of 9 hours per week with Christian radio programming formats.

Include The Sheperd in your advertising mix and target affluent listeners that you can't reach with any other station.

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